Sustainable enterprise

As a socially responsible construction company, Sodemat values the use of various sustainable business practices. By means of a Co2 performance ladder, we assess our energy consumption and CO2-emissions. This ladder helps us use equipment efficiently and save energy. We are increasingly implementing sustainable energy solutions at our construction sites.

Pioneering sustainability in the construction sector

To achieve our goal as a sustainable enterprise, we actively communicate about our Co2 performance ladder. To meet our targets, we require the efforts of our employees. Therefore, we share our ambitions with them, to highlight the importance of the reduction measures we have introduced.

On the other hand, it is crucial that our partners are aware that Sodemat does not make empty promises. We inform them to underscore our role as a sustainable enterprise. By means of the Co2 performance ladder we demonstrate the progress of our CO2-reduction efforts.

A dynamic sustainable enterprise

Working towards a sustainable enterprise is an ongoing process. Through these links, you can discover how Sodemat takes a leading role in sustainability, within the construction sector:

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