Metal processing & assembly

From a railing to a steel bridge, Sodemat listens to your plans and helps you bring them to life. You can rely on us for the realization of all types of custom-cut parts and structures, made from pipes, profiles and sheet metal, from your own drawings or sketches.


Types of metal:

We process sheet metal in thicknesses of 1.5 to 15 mm. All constructions are produced in accordance with the EN 1090 standard.

Surface Treatment

Steel is a raw material with endless possibilities. But it does have one disadvantage: it is highly susceptible to corrosion when untreated. Therefore, it is essential to protect your material optimally.

Sandblasting and shot blasting

Sandblasting and shot blasting are the initial steps in surface treatment. We strip the metal first to make it homogenous and bare. This is essential to prepare it for subsequent painting or galvanization

Galvanizing or metalizing

Galvanising or metalizing gives the material protection against rust. All steel components are protected by a mixture of zinc and aluminum.


  • good adhesion
  • wear and impact resistant
  • cavities also protected
  • good edge coverage
  • long lifespan

Powder coating

Powder coating, also known as powder painting or powder varnishing, is an electrostatic painting process in which we apply powder particles to the metal using compressed air. The powder temporarily adheres to the surface, after which it melts in the oven to form a beautiful and durable coating.


  • no solvents
  • 100% solid content
  • only one treatment needed for sufficient thickness
  • good UV and weather resistance
  • excellent mechanical properties

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