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Since 2002, Sodemat has been the equipment specialist for Eiffage Benelux. Group members can rely on Sodemat in the rental of large and small items of equipment for all construction and civil engineering sites.


Building your future

As the equipment rental service of the Eiffage Benelux group, Sodemat rents out large and small items of equipment for the setup of construction and civil engineering sites. An impressive fleet of tower cranes, mobile cranes, excavators, power generators, compressors, formwork, construction-site containers, vehicles, etc. can be found in Gentbrugge and Strée, the company’s two seats of operation.

In addition, a professional team maintains and repairs formworks. Together with a specialized team of mechanics and electricians, they maintain the equipment and solve any problems that may arise. This work is done in the workshops or at the construction site.

Sustainability and safety

Sodemat sees itself as a socially responsible construction company. We achieve this by using equipment efficiently and saving energy. To achieve the best results, will involve our employees in the process.

In addition to focusing on sustainability, we work actively towards the safety and well-being of our employees. This is because they are the heart of Sodemat. Therefore, we motivate them to follow all of the measures carefully.

Sodemat services: rental service for Eiffage Benelux

In our range you will find all types of cranes operated by our skilled crane operators.

In addition to a wide range of standard formwork, our joiners also produce special pieces.

Sodemat has everything in-house to prepare your construction site for operation. From electrical installations to construction-site containers and fencing.


Formwork, Tower cranes
Formwork, Machinery, Tower cranes
Formwork, Mobile cranes
Tower cranes
Formwork, Tower cranes


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